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  AVVIO was founded in 1982 by Mr. Gerhard Hubmann, Sr. and Mrs. Linde Hubmann.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the focus of activities was on technological consultancy and the sales and marketing of fasteners in Austria and the neighboring countries.

Due to market requirements in the European area and the increased emergence of technical approvals for construction products, the technical testing of the products and monitoring of the manufacturing plants took on increasing importance. The opening of the global procurement market went hand in hand with the necessity for strict quality controls for products from Asia. In order to supply sustainable, continuous quality, AVVIO – alongside consultancy and sales – expanded its activities to the physical testing of wood building screws.

Based on the contractually-agreed collaboration concluded with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2006, manufacturer audits were carried out in Asia. Product testing was performed at regular intervals in Austria.

In 2015, a total of over 18,000 test reports were issued to various customers all over Europe as part of quality assurance. Cooperation projects and excellent general collaboration with renowned technical institutes and testing laboratories as well as technical universities have developed over the years.

Building on the activities of the last few decades, AVVIO has also become an important partner for industry and commerce in the areas of research and development. The activities in these fields led to newly designed services (app), patent applications and brand developments.

  Strategic positioning



Quality guarantee

Quality assurance is an important aspect in the strategic positioning of AVVIO GmbH & Co KG. Our understanding of quality and our high quality standards are reflected in the criteria of the AV24 seal of quality.

For us, quality awareness ranges from the selection of materials in purchasing to the monitoring of regulated processes in production and runs up to sales. All this under the aspect of sustainability.

This is the only way to ensure optimum performance as well as the quality and safety of the products.

The AV24 seal of quality correctly informs you as the user as to the quality and properties of a screw. So you as the end user are provided with clear-cut orientation possibilities.
  Consumer information

When conveying information on the product quality and the product itself by the AVVIO test laboratory, facts, relevancy, clarity as well as traceability and comprehensibility take center stage. The trust of customers in the work of our laboratory is of huge importance to us. This is why we are glad to provide interested end users with information on statutory provisions and standards as well as on industry-based quality requirements, which the screw as a product must meet.

In addition, owing to this transparency, you will learn more details on the various test procedures the product undergoes in order to be certified with the AV24 seal. You’ll certainly get an insight into the world of screws. This way, you as a direct user can appreciate the high value and significance of the AV24 seal of quality.

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