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As part of the AV24 certification process, the manufacturers in Europe and Asia pledge to undergo an audit every 6 months. Certain conditions must be met by the producers from the very onset before an AV24 certificate is awarded. This includes the provision of a proof of origin in order to ensure a defined raw material quality and sustainable, professional methods. Importers and distributors are obligated to comply with certain European requirements. CE conformity of components under the EU Construction Products Regulation CPR 305/2011 must be verified. An AV24 certification guarantees compliance with all prescribed formal and technical requirements for CE markings. For the tests performed as part of the AV24 seal of quality procedure, samples from production batches undergo destructive testing. Testing 100% of the products is not possible. Despite the utmost care, defective products can occur. In such a case, please complete our AV24 check list and send it directly to the responsible sales partner. You can find the respective contact details on the AV24-labeled packaging.


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