AV24 quality seal
The AV24 seal of quality guarantees tested quality

β€œThe AV24 seal of quality guarantees
tested quality!”

In times of globalization,
it provides features for comparison and differentiation.

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When buying screws that carry the AV24 seal of quality, you can rely on tested quality and compliance with all safety criteria.

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Test criteria

Only screws that meet our 24 strict quality criteria are awarded the AV24 seal of quality. The quality requirements set by us go far beyond legal and market standards. The fasteners are tested by our expert staff in an extensive test procedure – from screw head to screw tip.

Transparency is a matter of course for us. This is why we document the path of the screws exactly – from the raw wire clear to the finished product. The manufacturers of AV24-labeled screws are subject to continuous on-site production checks. To ensure complete traceability of all tests, we retain the monitoring logs for 10 years.

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Health compatibility

Exact compliance with all EU Regulations on the registration, evaluation, approval and restrictions of chemicals in screws is important to us. We will keep you informed on all topics related to health compatibility.

The transport of AV24-labeled products is monitored in order to determine negative climatic and kinetic influences. The data from the transport monitoring allows us to respond to such adverse conditions and improve the product, the packaging or both, if necessary.

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