That’s the AV24 quality

The clear definition of the product properties and their variations prior to the start of production is the cornerstone for the quality of a product. The AV24 criteria are stricter than statutory provisions. They govern all steps of production, labeling and documentation. Regular checks of the manufacturing plants and testing of the screws guarantee compliance with our standards. Mainly screws for the fastening of timber structures are certified with the AV24 seal of quality.
  Certified in Austria

A valid AV24 License Agreement as well as a Monitoring Contract with our Austrian inspection agency constitute the basis of the certification process. The process includes a semi-annual audit of the manufacturing plants. If the screws conform to the values of the AV24 certification after testing by the inspection agency, the packaging is labeled accordingly with a sticker.

24 test and quality features

The screws tested by us must meet a minimum of twenty-four (24) different quality requirements in order to receive the seal of quality. All properties of the screws are put to the acid test: geometrical properties, physical (material and application) properties as well as surface properties.
  Industry and commerce

The AV24 seal of quality is recognized by industry and commerce. The professional expertise and know-how of our Austrian inspection agency creates trust and certainty. Our customers are aware of the product upgrade. With it, the tested products clearly stand out from competitors’ products.

Monitoring production

By auditing the manufacturers, we monitor the origin of the materials used, the production steps as well as compliance with guidelines in terms of corporate social responsibility.

  Comments on AV24

stimmen.jpg Hans Wagner 
Structural engineer

“To me, it is of huge importance that the screws meet the approval criteria. In my line of work, you need technical backing. The standards alone are not enough. The AV24 seal of quality gives me the certainty I need.”
stimmen.jpg Gernot Stromberger
Skilled craftsman

“When it comes to tools or screws, we always buy high quality. Without it, there are always annoying problems, and our people get frustrated. High-quality material is important for motivation and pays off in spades.”

stimmen.jpg Mark Schwärzle
Private user

“When I’m searching for quality products, I always want to know a lot more about them – a lot more than should be indicated on the packaging. A seal of quality also indicates high quality and performance characteristics of a product.”


Do you have any questions about screws certified with the AV24 seal of quality?
Please contact our sales partner in your vicinity. You can find the respective contact details on the AV24-labeled packaging.